Timberclaw Outfitters, owned by Dean Kuyper's and his cousins Adam Schreiber and Brandon Schreiber, offers you some of the best bear hunting there is available in Saskatchewan. Dean, Adam and Brandon have all worked in the outfitting industry for a number of years and bring to the table an abundance of knowledge that when combined creates one of the most detailed, well balanced and educated outfitters there is. We focus specifically on bear hunting here at Timberclaw Outfitters and have access to a large amount of land with minimal hunting pressure, which in turn presents you with the opportunity of a lifetime for TROPHY bears!!!

Timberclaw Outfitters is the premier outfitter for bear hunting in Saskatchewan. We are committed to our clients and are certain to supply first class meals, guides, accommodations as well as memories and trophies that will never be forgotten. Timberclaw's the name and BIG BEARS are your game!

* WOUND POLICY * - If a hunter wounds an animal it is considered a kill. This policy ensures we give all clients a chance at a trophy class animal.